Prince Harry Almost Hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ Ahead Of ‘Spare’ Release: ‘He Was All In & Really Serious About Doing It’

“I know that Harry was all in, he was really serious about doing it and it would have been great fun as promo for the book,” an insider spilled to a news outlet. “SNL producers have been after Harry for a while. Everyone on the show was really into the idea, and people would definitely have tuned in

Michelle Yeoh Was Told to Retire From Acting Before ‘Everything Everywhere,’ but She Told People Off: ‘Do Not Tell Me What to Do’

A message to everyone in Hollywood: Don’t tell Michelle Yeoh what she can and can’t do. Speaking on the latest episode of the Los Angeles Times’ “The Envelope” podcast, Yeoh disclosed that many people were telling her to retire from acting prior to her accepting the lead role in the Daniels’ multive